As part of efforts to address the canker of illegal fishing methods and discourage the use of illegal fishing nets on Ghana’s waters, the fisheries commission has destroyed illegal nets worth about three million Ghana cedis at the Tema landfill site.

The Commission destroyed about 30 trolley nets and about two hundred and fifty mono-filament nets all worth about three million Ghana cedis.

According to the head of monitoring control and surveillance division of the fisheries commission, Godfrey Baidoo Tsibu, the exercise is a measure by the commission to deter fishermen and fishing vessels from using unapproved fishing methods.

He said the materials set on fire were collected from about a thousand fishermen along the coastal lines of the country from 2015 till date.

“These nets here were seized from 2015 till date and it was during our routine monitoring exercises along the coastal lines to ensure that the right type of fishing practice is adhered to. And during the exercise, these nets and other illegal gadgets were seized from about one thousand fishermen and trolley vessels.”

Mr. Baidoo said upon the seizure, the court directed that the nets be destroyed whilst other gadgets such as lights and generators were auctioned. He said the exercise is to send a message to the public especially fishermen to desist from using unapproved nets and gadgets since they would not be spared when caught.

He said the right specification of fishing nets to be used must be two inches and above.

“The nets being destroyed are mono-filament nets and we encourage fishermen to use the multifilament nets with a specification of two inches and above.”

He said fishermen who are caught engaged in any form of illegal fishing would be prosecuted and have their equipment seized.