At Ayhow, Juices are made from fresh delicious tropical fruits. 100% fruits juice and provides your body with essential vitamins and minerals. It's as nutritious as consuming the fruit, which gives meaning to your life.


Company Details Contact Details
Name Ayhow Fruit Juice Company Limited Postal Address P. O. Box 14799, Accra
Description Fruit juice manufacturing Location Address Little Roses down, close to Feeba Pharmacy
Year of Establishment    2015 Tel 0244277540/0243405260
Business Type

Limited Liability

Greater Accra

Contact Person
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Maame Ama Anderson


Product Details
Product Description
 Pineapple junice, pineapple ginger juice, pineapple ginber fiber, orange juice, watermelon giner juice, cocktail
Packaging  Pet Bottling
Unit Cost GHC3.00
Shelf Life  7 days

Available Colors

Wine, Yellow, Orange