Bandie Arboretum Resort and Tours Limited are into cultivation and processing of cinamon and it`s good for your health.


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Name Bandie Arboretum Resort and Tours Limited Postal Address P.O.Box BG 61 Bogoso, Western Region
Description Cultivation and processing of cinamon Location Address Next to Kejabril
Year of Establishment


Western Region

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0244439675/ 0246468001

Nana Yaa Manu Adjei

Business Type Limited Liability email  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Product Details
Product Description
1. Bart cinamon tea
2. Bart cinamon powder
3. Bart cinamon capsules
4. Bart cinamon bitters
5. Bart cinamon bark
Packaging Packaging     In a bottle, boxes, containers and sachets
Unit Cost 1. Tea - GHc 15.00
2. Powder - GHc 10.00 & 15.00
3. Bark - GHc 5.00
4. Capsules - GHc 10.00
5. Bitters - 5.00
Shelf Life 10 years for all products except bitters