D.D. Decor & Craft Inst.

At D.D. Decor and Craft Institute, you can find all kinds of quality beads, beautifully crafted hats, floral/ribbon/fabric decors for special occassions. Contact us for all your needs.





Company Details Contact Details
Name D.D. Decor & Craft Institute Postal Address P.O. Box AF 1324, SSNIT Flats, Adenta, Accra
Description Making of beads of all kinds, floral, ribbons and fabric accessories. Location Address Opposite SSNIT Flat, Block 88, Adenta
Year of Establishment 1996 Tel/fax 024-406-3851/ 026-950-9875
Business Type Sole Proprietorship



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Product Details
Product Description

D.D. Decor & Craft Institute also deal in the following


  • Event Managemet
  • Fabric Accessories
  • Beads of all kinds
  • Floral/Ribbion/Balloon/Fabric Decor
  • Bridal Bouquet/Bridal Make-up
  • Hats for all occasion
  • Gele etc


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