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An Insight into Mushroom Production by Adventure Masters

The greatest problem that still confronts Africa is poverty, hunger, malnutrition, unemployment, ignorance, illiteracy, and low income, especially in the rural communities where agriculture is the main source of livelihood.

The above mentioned problems are as a result of lack of technical knowledge, training and skill development in modern agriculture and capacity building for best agricultural practices for quality and increased production, undeveloped resources of land and agricultural potentials, and a major constraint as lack of adequate financial resources and investment in agriculture.

Lack of sufficient processing skills, techniques, equipment and centers for value addition, packaging and storage, also contribute to food loses, food shortages and food insecurity on the continent, issues of land litigation and unfavorable weather conditions ā€“ all contributing to the predicament of people in Ghana and many parts of Africa

MUSHROOM PRODUCTION stands here as the most accessible farming activity for the landless women and youth due to the fact that commercial mushroom can be done right at the backyard or any available small space...Click HERE to download full information.

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