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'Throw out' foreigners in retail busines - Osafo Marfo

Senior Minister Yaw Osafo Marfo has emphasised that the law on foreigners engaging in businesses meant for Ghanaians must be implemented to the letter and persons who flout such laws “thrown out”.

Mr Marfo, who was not enthused about the inaction of officials to clamp down on offenders, admitted that “Chinese and other foreigners are doing jobs reserved for Ghanaians”, adding: “It is sad, because we have laws in Ghana and the law is very clear…that no foreigner is allowed to enter into retail or wholesale until your capital is above a certain amount.”

Speaking on Tuesday, February 14, at the Graphic Business/Stanbic Breakfast Meeting in Accra, the former Finance Minister condemned the inaction of authorities responsible for clamping down on the foreigners.

“…Now you see people (foreigners) in small shops selling; what has happened to the law? The law exists but we are not implementing. Those foreigners have no business doing retail business and they must be thrown out. It is as simple as that, we must apply the law,” he emphasised.