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Minister Warns MMDCEs

Salifu Sa-eed, the Northern Regional Minister, has issued a word of caution to the various MMDCEs in the Northern Region to cut down on their frequent travels outside their jurisdiction.

According to the Regional Minister, most MMDCEs prefer to travel outside their jurisdictions at the expense of monitoring and supervising the progress of work at their respective municipal, metropolis and districts.

He said shoddy works done by contractors and workers in the districts, municipalities and metropolis would be a thing of the past if the MMDCEs remained at post to supervise and monitor the progress of work.

Mr Salifu Sa-eed made these assertions when the various MMDCEs and their heads of departments in the region signed the Performance Contract to evaluate their work.

According to the Minister, government’s policies to better the lives of the Ghanaian people will only succeed when there is proper supervision and monitoring of projects.

‘Building a nation beyond aid is very much possible and Ghana has what it takes to do so provided there are proper checks and evaluations of projects and budgets’.

The minister observed that, there will be no need for aid in rural communities if government’s one village one dam, one district one factory and other policies are well executed and sustained.

The Northern Regional Minister indicated that, over the years, government projects across the country have not been completed on time and those that were completed on time have always been of inferior quality due to lack of proper supervision.

‘The president is bent on building a better economy and bettering the lives of the ordinary Ghanaian, he is in a hurry and we can’t afford to be left behind or left out.’

The Minister is expected to embark on a regional tour to assess the performance of the various MMDCEs within the Northern Region over the last one year.