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GCNet calls for improved valuation to meet revenue target

Information Technology Company at the ports GCNet has stated that government can block leakages at the ports to meet the 34 percent revenue target in the 2017 budget if the valuation systems are improved.

According to the company, some aspects of the valuation systems create room for corrupt practices to take place at the port.

Even though government missed its revenue target of 30 percent in 2016, it has set an ambitious 34 percent in the 2017 budget.

Speaking to Citi Business News the Product Development Manager OF GCNet Mr. Carl Sackey stated that the process of valuation must be improved to rake in the required revenue.

“We know valuation is not an exact science but then it still comes back to the point that whatever is being done somebody has to be reviewing the works that is being done so our push is that this review should be done more often and the same applies to whatever is done in the port,” Mr. Sackey noted.

He stressed that “Somebody needs to review the works of others. In this era of trade facilitation there is the aspect of customs post clearance audit where the commissioner and deputy commissioner who have oversight for everything that goes on in the port will actually make sure that they are reviewing the work of the officers because you don’t want to keep the goods in the ports unduly because there is demurrage and the other things that go with it.

He observed that keeping goods for a long time at the ports also contributes to revenue leakages making government lose income.

“You don’t want to lose revenue by holding goods at the port for long periods. So you review the works that have been done and follow up with the agent”.