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Clidem Herbal Clinic Ltd.

At Cliden Herbal Clinic, we locally produce herbal mixture, soaps, capsules and creams which are made from our own authentic herbs. Our health workers are always ready to assist you whenever you call or visit. Cliden Herbal Clinic: Come sick, Return healed.
Company Details Contact Details
Name Clidem Herbal Clinic Ltd. Postal Address P.O.Box KZ 32 Kpedze
Description Herbal Clinic

Location Address


Behind High Court  Ho

Volta Region

Year of Establishment 1999

Contact person


Dr. Kumordji

0540310601 / 0248805151

Business Type Sole proprietor email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Product Details
Product Names Herbal mixture, Soaps, Capsules, Powder.
Cost GH¢ 5.00 - GH¢ 50.00

We treat all kinds of diseases and infections using the right machines to detect the diseases.

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