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Konadu doesn’t own Nsawam Cannery; the State will take it back – Lucy Aning

A time will come that all the State enterprises forcefully taken by the former first family will be restored to the state, Mrs Lucy Aning,

a former Member of Parliament for Bechem in Brong-Ahafo, under the administration of the Convention People’s Party (CPP) has said.

She adds: “The Nsawam cannery is not for Konadu for her to take it, whatever she’s taken will come back to the state. The state will surely

recover all state assets that have fallen into private hands.”

Speaking on Anopa Kasapa on Kasapa 102.5 FM Monday, Mrs Aning expressed her indignation at the current crop of politicians amassing wealth for themselves and family.According to her, the country is undoubtedly on the edge, as “current breed of politicians have lost their sense of patriotism.”

This she said has implications for peace and security that could continue to destabilize the country, if leaders of the country do not restore order.

Mrs Aning condemned Ghanaian leaders for failing to protect the interest of the majority population and doing nothing to eliminate

the neo-colonialism manifesting in all spheres of life.

“I am disappointed we are cruising on a wrong way. If we would have continued the Housing Corporation started some years back,

we wouldn’t be facing some of the social problems we see now. Let’s ask ourselves who the High rise apartments all over town

belong to? Is it for Ghanaians? The neo-colonialism is what is manifesting. People don’t have places to live in, if we have implemented

the housing corporation we wouldn’t be facing all these problems. Average Ghanaians will have places to sleep in.

“I can’t sleep because of the issues we are facing as a country. If we don’t encourage patriotism we will sink as a nation. The

Fishing vessels that we purchased from Russia where are all of them? The GNTC stores, a hub for Made in Ghana goods, who own those

stores, the State Enterprises and so on, I’m saddened by the downturn.

The defunct Nsawam cannery that used to produce canned Foods for export for us to get foreign exchange and the likes have all been

sold out. We need to erase colonial mentality. Nkrumah taught us to produce made in Ghana goods. We have abandoned all our factories;

what are we talking about, why can’t we revive those factories for people to get employment?

Former First Lady Nana Konadu Agyemang Rawlings company, Carridem Development Company (CDC), a limited liability company, bought

Nsawam Food Cannery for 2.9 billion cedis.

Mrs Rawlings told an Accra High Court in 2006 that CDC paid the money to the Divestiture Implementation Committee (DIC) in instalments

with the last instalment being paid in 2000