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Anita Erskine to host Viasat 1′s ‘The One Show’

Television station Viasat 1′s ‘The One Show’ is set to get a total makeover, according to reports.

The show is set to take on a new direction and a new host in the person of Anita Erskine-Amaizo. The experienced Anita is expected to make the show more feminine-inclined and would focus more on women related issues.

With this development, Joselyn Dumas and co-host PY Addo-Boateng will lose their places on the show. It is unclear whether the two would be assigned to new shows at the station.

Anita is really not new to the show as she has been a producer of the show previously. She brings on board years of experience after working with various media houses in various capacities.

‘The One Show’ returns to the screens in October with a brand new season.


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