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Export and Import to and from Ghana

The Ghana Export Promotion Authority (GEPA) is the National Export Trade Support Institution of the Ministry of Trade and Industry (MOTI) responsible for the facilitation, development and promotion of Ghanaian exports.

GEPA was established by Act 396 in 1969 as an agency of the Ministry of Trade and Industry with the mandate to develop and promote Ghanaian exports. Our focus has primarily been to diversify Ghana’s export base from the traditional Gold and other unprocessed minerals, Cocoa Beans, Timber Logs and Lumber.
Currently there are over 383 different Non-Traditional Export products categorised as Agricultural, Processed/Semi Processed and Handicrafts. Export Trade in Services is a new and recent addition to the non-traditional export portfolio.
GEPA acquired its Authority Status earlier on this year and was publicly launched as such at the 72nd National Exporters' Forum in September 2011. The change to Authority is in accordance with the Revised Laws of Ghana Act 1998, (Act 562) (1) of the Ghana Export Authority Act, 1969 (NLCD 396). This new designation helps to more clearly define the core functions of GEPA in terms of the marketing and promotion of NTE products.

GEPA's clientele include over 3000 registered private sector exporting companies organized into 17 Export Product Associations. GEPA relate to these clients both on individual  corporate basis and as groups / associations. GEPA also acts as an interface between these exporters and other public organizations.

To ensure that Ghana's export trade contributes to accelerated economic growth through strategic aggressive marketing of Made-in-Ghana products in the competitive global economy.