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Inesfly Africa Ltd

We put all our efforts in restoring the dignity of people living in precarious health conditions affected by the massive presence of insects in their environment.
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Name Inesfly Africa Limited Postal Address

P.O. Box KN 5574, Accra - Ghana

Description Production of Inesfly Paint for controlling vector-borne insects and pests Location Address Plot #10 Adjuma Crescent,South Industrial Area
Year of Establishment 2011 Tel +233 (0) 302 228 422

Business Type


Limited Liability

Greater Accra Region



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Product Details
Product Description


  • Inesfly 5A IGR exterior Paint
  • Inesfly 5A IGR NG Interior paint
  • Inesfly EM HOUSE Spray
  • Inesfly EM House Floor Cleaner
  • Inesfly Body repellent