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Kpando Pottery Fesi Shed

Kpando Pottery Fesi Shed produces tea cups and all kinds of pots for your homes and also hats and beads. All of these are made form our own natural clay. Have a taste and mentality of a true African and purchase from us.
Company Details Contact Details
Name Kpando Pottery Fesi Shed Postal Address P.O Box 162, Kpando
Description Pottery

Location Address


Fesi Kpando

Volta region

Year of Establishment 2000 Tel 0241712253 / 0285346797
Business Type Partnership

Product Details
Product Name flower pots, candle stands, elephant summer hat, cooking pots,trail, lion save crocodile,beads, tea cup with saucer
Cost Flowerpots GH₵10.00-60.00, Lamp shade GH₵10.00-30.00, Elephants GH₵12.00 and 5.00, Cooking pots GH₵ 25.00-50.00, Beads GH₵10.00-15.00,Tea cup GH₵8.00, Tea pot  GH₵15.00-20.00
Available colors Black and Brown

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