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Frich Consult

Frich Consult is a Ghanaian Management/Business Consulting and Events Management firm based in Accra. We consult and run training in the areas of Sales; Customer Service; Payment Card (Debit/Credit/Prepaid/Proprietary) Programme Management; Public Speaking and Presentation Skills. We also offer General Management and Leadership Training; Business Advisory Services; CV/Resume Writing; Job Interview Coaching Services; and Event Management Services. Contact them "Now"
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Name Frich Consult Postal Address P.O.Box 94, Teshie, Accra
Description Business Consultancy, Corporate Training and Events Organising Location Address No.9 Nii Oskere Street. Teshie Camp 2, near ICGC Faith and Miracle Temple
Year of Establishment 2013



City/ Town

+233 (0) 265517716/ +233 (0) 277128427



Business Type Sole Propreitorship



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Product Details
Product Description

1. Sales Consultancy and Training: Sales for us goes beyond merely persuading clients to buy products; it is BUSINESS-BUILDING. We therefore provide the sort of training transforms your sales staff from mere order takers into astute Business-Builders. We train staff of corporate bodies and provide one-on-one coaching to individuals. We also advice companies on sales methods or strategies to deploy and work with them to improve sales performances.

2. Customer Service Consultancy and Training: We believe customer service is the NEW MARKETING and we have accordingly designed a training module that changes mind-set and helps your staff to provide that sort of service that turns one-off buyers into partners of your products. We also provide a special executive customer service training for your management team as well. Customer service starts from the top, and it begins with your management team so we do not leave them out.

3. Public Speaking and Presentation Skills Training: We have the expertise and the experience to turn your fears into your fame. Whether you are attempting presentations and/or public speaking for the first-time or you seek to improve your skill, we have the expertise to make that dream come true. We provide one-on-one sessions and group sessions. No matter the formats and purposes of presentations be it oral (spoken); multimedia (using various media - visuals, audio, etc); PowerPoint presentations; short impromptu presentations; long planned presentations; educational or training sessions; lectures, and simply giving a talk on a subject to a group on a voluntary basis for pleasure, we have what it takes to prepare you to become the best.

4. CV/Résumé Writing and Interview Coaching: We are certified professional CV/Résumé Writers and a member of the Professional Association of Résumé Writers and Career Coaches (PARW/CC). We write CVs for all levels from Student through to Professional and to the Executive Level and for all professionals irrespective of the industry. We also provide the following additional writing services:

• Cover Letters,

• Thank you Letters, and

• Follow-up Letters.

Whether you want to change careers or you are looking for career progression, Frich Consult has the expertise to “write” your way to achieving that objective. We also prepare candidates for job interviews as well. Our job interview coaching session prepares you to communicate value with confidence at interviews and helps you get the dreamed job.

5. Business Advisory Services: We provide total business and management consultancy and support for small and medium size enterprises (SMEs). Our activities in this area include but not limited to:

• Planning and Executing Effective Restructuring Programmes for SMEs

• Designing of Efficient Organisational Structures and related Job Descriptions

• Strategy Development and Deployment

• Leadership and Line Management Training for Staff

• Product and Process Developments for companies.

• Drafting of Agreements and MOUs

In addition, we provide the following services to individuals and corporate bodies:

• Business Plan and Business Proposal writing services

• Business Registration and Renewal Services - all types of businesses (Registrar General’s Department)

• Brand or Trademark or Logo Registration Services (Registrar General’s Department)

• Product Registration and Renewal Services (Ghana Standards Authority or Food and Drugs Authority)

6. Payment Card Consultancy and Training: We help banks and other financial institutions develop sustainable revenue streams through the deployment of robust payment card programmes to support their businesses. We consult, support and train in the following areas:

• Card Centre/Team set up and Procedures

• Administration and Process Designs

• Effective Migration

- Proprietary to Debit/Credit/Prepaid

- Magnetic Stripe to EMV

• Profitability

• Card Operations

• Fraud Risk

• License Acquisition

• Merchant Acquiring and Effective Card Acceptance Training

• General Staff Training

7. Event Organizing: We have the expertise and the connections to help you put together any event. Is it a meeting or an appointment with an authority or stakeholder you wish to put together/book and don’t know what to do?  Frich Consult is the Right Partner to help you plan and execute that dreamed event or meeting. We also plan and organize official corporate meetings; all corporate events; weddings; all parties; anniversary celebrations; graduation and award ceremonies; district and regional events; funerals etc.
Product Name

1.Sales Consultancy and Training

2.Customer Service Consultancy and Training

3.Public Speaking and Presentation Skills Training

4.CV/Résumé Writing and Interview Coaching

5.Business Advisory Services

6.Payment Card Consultancy and Training

7.Event Organizing