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At Tishy's we believe in African-Ghanaian wear, that is why for over the years our products are always available in the market to compete with the ready made fabrics. Time is due for us to embrase who we are ane what we are made of. Vist our shop and walk away with smiles.
Company Details Contact Details
Name Tishy's Postal Address P.O.Box AF 2305 Adenta
Description African garments and textiles Location Address Adenta (Tishy's spot) near Aprotech
Year of Establishment 1996

Contact Person


Letitia Dovi Sam

0244 360 420, 0262 360 420

Business Type Sole proprietorship


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Product Details
Product Name Batic fabric, Kente, African wear etc.
Price GH₵ 10 - GH₵ 400
Available colors Varieties

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