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Inkunim Foods Honey

Inkunim Foods Honey is best known for pure and natural honey.
Company Details Contact Details
Name Inkunim Foods Honey Postal Address P.O.Box 15919, Accra-North, Ghana
Description Production of pure and natural honey Location Address White house, Sambel Street, Kwabenya
Year of Establishment 2016


Contact Person


City/ Town

0268022678/ 0244566371

Mr. Inkunim

Greater Accra


Business Type Limited Liability email/website This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Product Details
Product Description Production of pure and natural honey


In a plastic container, bottles and gallons
Unit Cost

1. Gallons- GHc 100.00

2. Plastic container- GHc 20.00

3. Plastic bottle- GHc 10.00


1. Gallon- 5Lt

2. Plastic container- 660g

3. Plastic bottle- 300g


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