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Ghana Bio Network

Ghana Bio is a Non-Profit network which is establishing unity between all stakeholders involved in organic practices inn Ghana for purposes of advocacy, promotion and development of organic production, processing and marketing (local and export).

The network seeks to provide training and quality assurance within organic value chains and is seeking to collaborate with interested stakeholders experienced in these areas.


Company Details Contact Details
Name Ghana Bio Network Postal Address P.O.Box TF 313 Trade Fair, Accra.
Description Non-Profit Network Location Address M575/2, Maria Gorretti St. Madina Old Road
Year of Establishment
Tel +233 302 500 999
Business Type Manufacturing



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Product Details
Product Description The focus of the Network is the production, processing, packaging (including convienience packs) and marketing of organic fresh fruit, fresh vegetables. Stakeholders with expertise in other organic value chains are also welcome for discussion.
Packaging Convienience Packs

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