Unicorn Happy Invest. Ltd.

As part of our vision, we believe in growth. Every individual and organization can experience growth only if they desire it. Any entity that joins our family obviously will have its share of the growth cake.
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Name Unicorn Happy Invest. Microfinance Ltd. Postal Address DTD 25, Koforidua
Description Microfinance Location Address
Along Koforidua Central Police Station, Adjacent Traffic Light

Year of Establishment 2009 Tel 233342091841
Business Type Limited liability



E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it





Our mission is to provide easy access to funds for the growth and development of individual businesses and institutions.


To grow and develop into a first class multi-national financial institution.


It is our objective to grow to become a bank in the short run and a multinational company in the long run.

Social Responsibility

As our motto indicates growth, we believe in the development and growth of the people, it is our aim to bring development project in areas of our operations. In addition to creating jobs, we assist in other endeavours which will bring joy to the people living in and around the community and the nation at large.

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