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Midland Savings and Loans Ltd.

Midland Savings and Loans Limited is a Limited Liability Company,which seeks to be the leading financial institution in the delivery of total financial solution.
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Name Midland Savings and Loans Limited Postal Address P. O. Box CT 3744, Cantonments, Accra – Ghana. Accra, Ghana
Description Savings and Loans Location Address No. 7 Nii Yemoh Avenue OIC Road Zion House 2nd Floor Shiashie, East Legon
Year of Establishment 1996 Tel 0307 024 133 / 0307 024 124 / 0307 099 863
Business Type Limited liability



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To mobilize savings and grant loans to micro, small and medium scales enterprises (SMEs) sector of the economy which has been ignored by the traditional banks.

Make credit easily accessible to all businesses within our target group.

Design appropriate and suitable products to meet the needs of our existing and potential customers. Respond to the various trading practices of SME’s and economically active people.

Educate the general public on the benefits of savings such as financial security and for business expansion etc.


To be a leading financial institution in the delivery of total financial solution.


To serve as the channel of growth for individuals and corporate organizations through the provision of high quality services with the view to creating shareholder value.


Midland Savings and Loans recognize that people are the company’s most important asset. To this end, the organization believes in;

In God We Trust


Customer focus




Our Target

As a regulated financial institution, Midland Savings & Loans Ltd maintains a focus on targeted individual and groups, i.e., low income households and their micro enterprises, but with a strong emphasis on transforming these enterprises into business successes and getting their owners out of poverty. Midland also operates a window for growth-oriented small and medium enterprises popularly known as Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs). This will afford mature microfinance clients the opportunity to contract bigger loans and exploit more business opportunities.