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Sankofa Roofing Sheet Ltd.

In the current economic environment, our mission and objective is to produce the most preferred high quality roofing sheets that will last you a life time. We can also provide you with high qualified carpenters who will give you good result.  Sankofa Roofing Sheets! We always provide you with the best!
Company Details Contact Details
Name Sankofa Roofing Sheet Ltd. Postal Address P.O.Box 5243, Kumasi main
Description Manufacture of roofing sheets Location Address Adum, near water company head office.
Year of Establishment 2010



0244381496 / 0206785245 / 0244714007


Business Type Partnership email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Product Details
Product Description Stone coated panels, self locking strips, circular sheet and IDT sheets
Available colours Green, blue, brown, red, grey, ash and silver.