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Raincoat Roofing Systems Ltd

Raincoat Roofing Systems is the largest provider of Colorbond roofing material in Ghana. We provide roofing to individual homeowners, private and public sector property developers, high street retailers and building merchants.
Company Details Contact Details
Name Raincoat Roofing Systems Ltd Postal Address
Box Os 2090,Osu-Accra

Description production of colorbond roofing sheets material Location Address

AccraNorth IndustrialArea

next to Lighthouse Chapel(Qodesh)


Tel/fax +233 (0)302 232344

Product Details
Product Description Our products are made from Zincalume steel, an alloy of zinc and aluminium that is incredibly resistant to corrosion.

Our roofing sheets are made from Colorbond, a pre-painted Zincalume steel where the colour is baked on to resist chipping and fading.

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