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Hisense Son Electronic Ltd.

Hisense International Co., Ltd is an indispensable platform for Hisense’s overseas brand construction and product sales. Meanwhile, the company plays a very important role in the import of internationally advanced technology, together with production and detective equipment.
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Name Hisense Son Electronic Limited


Producers of high quality electronic appliances

ranging from televisions, microwaves, fridges,

washing machines and any home appliance you can think of.

Location Address


Adj. Ghana Link Gbewaa Junction East Legon Accra

Greater Accra

Tel +233-302-543666 / +233-302-543303 / +233-302-543777 / +233-302-543888
Business Type Sole Producer website
Product Details
Product Description

Hisense Son Electronic Ltd. is located in Accra, Company is working in Electrical goods business activities. Our products include LCD & LED TVs, Refrigerators, Air Conditioners, Microwave Ovens, Toasters, Blenders etc.

Packaging Based on customer specification

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